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Robert Pernetta

Why going East?

As a Western European living in Central-Eastern Europe am often asked: Why are you here/there? Neither Polish nor compatriots understand what makes one "going East". I did my first study and work visits to Poland, Lithuania and Hungary out of curiosity. I wanted to know what is life like in the part of the Europe the Iron Curtain cut us off. I found out that people here in Central Europe can l can learn as much from Westerners as we could from them .

As for myself I learned three virtues in this part of Europe:

  • Flexibility: Planning is important, but keeping a narrow mind to the plan will not lead to success. Improvising within the planned scope is the way to success..
  • Networking: Success in business and academia depends much more on informal contacts than in the West. Building up contacts and delivering quality work is the best way to success and makes a difference to wide spread nepotism.
  • Patience: People move slow and within institutions even slower. Being an early mover and pushing things through often leads to failure.

This is how the idea of this network developed - Giving people advice on how to face challenges from "THE WEST" or "THE EAST" ?

this is what i am focusing on in my lectures and research, and this is what i can offer potential companies.

Curriculum Vitae



Polonised Bavarian born British citizen with an Italian surname

Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH) (BSc in industrial engineering) 1996
Masters in European Studies 2001

PhD candidacy in Environmental Economics since 2007

Current Position:  

Lecturer for International Economics and International Politics at the

University of Economics in Kraków

Jagiellonian University

University for Economics and Management - ISM in Vilnius

Work Experience:
SULO-Altvater , European Commission , EON Hungária. , .....
German, English, Polish, Hungarian, Czech
Field of Expertise:

Environmental policy and economics
International Relations and European Integration
Politics and Economics in Central Europe


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